What is your Home/Office Delivery range?

Main Cities ~ Citrus Heights, Folsom, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, and El Dorado Hills

Parts of ~ Roseville, Rancho Cordova, Gold River, and Carmichael

What is your Catering Delivery range?

All of the above, plus Sacramento, including Mid-Town and Downtown

How much is your Delivery Fee?

It starts at $3.00, and varies by address. (It is not the drivers tip, it is a fee to cover labor, and the extensive insurance to cover our employees on the road.)

Can I leave a tip on my card for the driver?

Absolutely! When the driver arrives, they will swipe your card and you can enter the tip amount.

Is there a minimum for Delivery?

Yes, but it is only $20.00 before tax and delivery fee is added.

I’m just outside your delivery range, can I meet the driver on the street corner?

No, for the safety of our drivers and to avoid complication. We had to draw a delivery cut off somewhere. We recommend dining in our restaurants anyway, so you are served your food the minute it comes out of the oven.

What kind of Pizza do you have?

California Style, Detroit Style, Chicago Deep Dish, Arisan Flatbreads, Extra Thick, Neapolitan Thin, Super Thin, and *Gluten Free 12”

What is your most popular Pizza?

Mountain Top ~ Award-Winning

What is your most popular Appetizer?

Goofy Stix ~ Famous

Can I order a half and half Pizza?


Can I mix the Gourmet Sauces?

Yes, the most popular is mixing our Ciro’s Classic Red Sauce with our White Creamy Garlic Sauce ~ Pink Sauce

Can I host my event in your restaurant?

Yes, both of our locations have large dining rooms and patio areas. Just let us know how many people will be at your gathering and we will reserve the appropriate amount of tables.