Buffalo Wings

Our original buffalo wings seasoned with spicy southwestern sauce served with cool ranch.

6 Pack                          $6

12 Pack                       $10

18 Pack                       $15

24 Pack                       $18

ciros 31.jpg
ciros 31.jpg

Create Your Own

Size Serves/Slices Amount - Cheese Each Ingredient
11" Small 2/8 $12.99 $1.25
13" Medium 3/8 $15.99 $1.65
15" Large 4/12 $19.99 $1.90
18" X-Large 6/16 $23.99 $2.35
24" Family 8/20 $33.99 $3.25


Ciro's Classic Red Sauce

Extra Seasoned Red Sauce


Basil Pesto Sauce

Olive Oil & Garlic Sauce


White Creamy Garlic Sauce

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque Sauce



Grilled chicken

Canadian bacon

Galileo Premium Salami

Italian sausage

Lean beef

Grilled chicken

Real Hormel Bacon


Lean beef

Honey baked smoked ham

Hormel pepperoni

Portuguese linguica



Sweet Red Onions

Fresh Mushrooms

Garden Zucchini

Bell Peppers



Fresh tomatoes

Jalapeno peppers

Roma tomatoes

California black olives


Specialty Items

Grande ricotta cheese

Bull's-Eye BBQ chicken

Grande Parmesan & Romano

Cheddar Cheese

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sweet Dole pineapple

Cara Mia artichoke hearts

ciros 31.jpg


Size Serves/Slices Price
11" Small 2/8 $15.99
13" Medium 3/8 $20.99
15" Large 4/12 $24.99
18" X-Large 6/16 $31.99
24" Family 8/20 $46.99
ciros 31.jpg


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